Making Your Property Our Priority

The leasing and management process requires an experienced, professional property management team. We cover all the bases while you live your best life.

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A Better Experience Based on Experience

Bella Vista Property Management is a full-service property management company that manages, leases, buys and sells investment property in Los Angeles. As property owners ourselves, we believe our experience makes all the difference in your experience.

Happy Clients. Happy Life.

Our high standards and excellent customer service set us apart from other property management companies. We operate with your perspective in mind yet cater to both property owners and renters, creating a sense of community among all our clients.

The Bella Vista Benefits

Simplicity. Efficiency.
Convenience. We cover every area of property management to make it simple, efficient, and convenient for you.

Experts in Our Field.
With over 30 years experience, our licensed professional team ensures you’re fully compliant with all local, state, rent control, and federal fair housing laws.

Creating Value.
Improving cash flow, proper allocation of resources, and negotiation services are just a few ways we create value.

We Do the Managing.
Our goal is to be as hands on as possible so you can be hands off.

Areas We Serve

We proudly represent property owners from Long Beach to Los Angeles, including the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Beach Cities.
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FlyawayHomes was founded to help end homelessness sustainably. We do so by building quality permanent supportive housing for ⅓ the cost and in ⅓ the time of traditional methods. We build by-right, using modular techniques to develop shared housing units, and use social impact equity or other private funding methods to do it.

We leverage our good work by inspiring others to use innovative thinking to help solve homelessness, and by promoting the positive impact that ending homelessness will have in our communities and our nation.

Our co-founder Kevin Hirai is proud to be the COO of this unique project.