South bay property owners - Get more income in your bank, less stress in your day

This detailed report reveals how property owners can save time and earn more in monthly rental income without doing any more work.  

South bay property owners you have a unique opportunity to see property management reinvented. 

Why Self Managing Your South Bay Property is Costly and Stressful

My name is Kevin Hirai, and I have owned and managed residential and commercial real estate for decades.

During this time I have seen a recurring theme – properties are left out to dry and the people managing them don’t implement practices to keep the rents increasing with inflation.

Worse, property managers are leaving valuable money on the table and missing opportunities for increasing take home rent.

It seems like every month there is a new regulation that Los Angeles County requires landlords to follow and more ways for tenants to avoid paying their fair share.

Well I have seen this happen and have spend the last 2 decades keeping updated on all the California landlord law changes so you don’t have to.

One of the strategies we use is utility optimization.  This lets us bill tenants for utilities and puts 100% of the cost on them for their usage.  This guide shows you exactly how to set this up and position it, so that you never pay for excess usage again.

Another tactic that you can use is the Lease Up. Are you charging market rate rent and are your tenants paying a comparable amount?  We show you how to research and do analysis of local South Bay rents so that you are always getting the amount you deserve.

All this and more is in the handy guide I created, and it is available for you to download.

This material took me literally 20 years to learn, implement and refine so I don’t know how much longer I will be offering it.  

So download this property management guide now before it is gone for good.

Featured Properties in Los Angeles


Optimized Rent

Never lose money on renters by mis pricing your property


Get The Right People

Stop losing sleep over people not taking care of your building


Turn Expenses Into Income

Find out how to take costs and make this an income generator, and how your tenants will actually love it.


Tax Benefits

Learn bonus depreciation


Utilities Savings

Stop overpaying


Minimize Vacancy

This one will blow your mind

How To Maximize Your Properties

Reduced Stress

Find out ways to no longer deal with emergencies, collecting rent, property evictions, residents that destroy your property, listing scams, vendors, and legal paperwork.

More Free Time

For investors time is money. You can spend more of your time on things other than servicing your property. Managing your own property is time-consuming and now you can have us to help service your property and allow you more time for your family.

Sleep Soundly

No more losing sleep over the unknowns of your property. See how automated technologies can speed up showing your property and get you better tenants without paying hefty finders fees.

It's Time for a Better Property Management Plan

Daily Operations

Detailed steps that show you how to automate all aspects of renting, collecting and maintaining residential and commercial units. Streamline operations in a flash.

Due Diligence

Need to establish the condition of a property? Find out ways to eliminate surprises during the entire rental process.

Lease Up

Looking to increase the rent? Find out how to do a market analysis, risk and liability assessment, market rent survey, and verification of the current rent or existing rent for the units and property.


See if you need to reposition troubled properties and maintain stable properties so that issues are properly spotted and promptly handled. It includes a strategic plan that establishes timelines for managing deferred maintenance and capital improvements. Our experience in managing building and renovation projects will free you from this time consuming job and let you take advantage of investment opportunities.

Property Budget / Accounting

Find out how to examine property financials and develop a budget that allows you to maximize your cash flow in order to gain a higher profit. In addition, see how to automate monthly financials (current rent roll, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, invoices and receipts, as well as an annual budget. You could be missing thousands in real estate tax deductions.

Risk Liability

Many of our South Bay property owners are not aware of the government policy or laws. Make sure you're in compliance with fair housing laws as well as prop 65 laws and regulations. Get actionable information that can save you from future troublesome legal problems.

Property Management Secrets​

Get instant access to my tips and tricks to managing property after 2 decades of owning and managing real estate in the Los Angeles area. Download the document that has saved me and my clients tens of thousands of dollars each month.